Judith Blum | New Clients: Starting Chiropractic Care
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Judith Blum Chiro

New Clients: Starting Chiropractic Care

You have booked your first appointment online or directly with Dr Judith via email at 514-806-7292. Please verify that you have received a confirmation email from OpusTime. If not, please check your junk mail or contact Dr. Judith. What happens next?

Please fill out the New Client Entrance Form before your first visit. If this is not possible, please advise us in advance. 

Your first visit will last approximately 75 minutes.  In order to properly evaluate your nervous system, it is important to avoid intense exercise, caffeine, cigarettes and other stimulants for at least 4 hours before your appointment.  If possible, delaying over-the-counter pain killers would be advised so that Dr Judith can better assess your situation.

Your first visit will include a complete health history, both past and present.  If you have copies of medical reports such as MRI, radiology or blood tests, please bring them with you. Next, a chiropractic exam will be performed to locate vertebral subluxations. Photographs will be taken to evaluate your posture.  Finally, your heart rate variability will be measured to better understand the resiliency of your nervous system.

Your second visit (60-75 minutes) will include a report of your results.  We will take the time to discuss how and why we get vertebral subluxations and how Chiropractic care may help. You may choose to experience your first chiropractic adjustment at this visit. This is the moment when most clients understandably would like to know how long it will take and how many visits are needed in order to see change.  Recommendations are discussed at the next visit after we have seen how your body responds to the first adjustment.

Your third visit (30 minutes) begins with an explanation of what is required for the body to create an environment of healing, growth and repair.  We will discuss your care frequency based on your needs and your objectives. We will schedule your next visits in advance in order to reserve the times that are most suitable to you. Then we will continue with your second chiropractic adjustment.

Here is how our journey of exploration-collaboration-resilience begins together.


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